Enable Song MIDI ID? Is it close?


So I posted the above about a year ago…there have been rumblings it is coming “soon” etc…

Is this really going to happen or not? I am not knocking the BB or BB team, I use the BB for about 120+ gigs a year and it works great. I just need to come up with a new folder strategy if this feature is really lip service. I would rather be told it is never going to happen then strung along like it is, when in reality the new looper or whatever else is pushing this fix from ever seeing daylight.


It probably will not make the next beta release. That’s not to say that the requirement is dead as it’s likely still on the “to do” list of requirements to be refined. If I’m talking out of turn, this is a great time for Singular Sound to weigh in.

Correct, it will not be on the next beta release of the software. It is on the to-do list though.