End New Recording with MIDI CC

Hi, i am setting up Aeros with a foot controller.

I cannot find a way to end a new recording without starting a new one…

Midi CC41 value 0 starts a new recording

If I trigger CC41 value 0 again it will end recording but start a new one on next track.

I just want to end the recording not start a new one as well.

How can I achieve this that doesn’t involve me having to use the Aeros footswitches? Is there no midi for track play? Or end recording? If not any workaround?


Hey there, currently there is no stop (other than stop immediately), playback, or overdub MIDI command mapping, the only way to do so currently is by doing these actions on the Aeros itself. We are already aware that this is something that people would like to be able to do so we will be adding these capabilities in a future update.

Thank you for your feedback.

Because this is not technically a bug, I will tag not-a-bug