Ending A Song on a beat other than 1

I’m renting a Beatbuddy to try (no foot switch). I want to end a song on the “and of 2”.

So I made a one-bar MIDI file in Logic with drums on Beats 1 and 2. I left beats 3 and 4 blank. Still, Beatbuddy insists on placing the MIDI information on beats 3 and 4, so the song always ends on the “and of 4”. This is driving me crazy. Is there a solution?

Have you set that as an outro? I probably do things a little differently to many others as I don’t use outro’s at all. My way is I would create the bar I want (eg finish on the AND of the 2nd beat) but do it as a Main Loop part of the song and add several bars of nothing after it, so the 1 bar song part could end up as 10 bars. The reason I do this is to give myself time to stop the song before it repeats the song part.

So basically to finish the song I would transition into the last part (the finishing bar plus several bars to nothing), and double click to stop the song during those bars of nothing.

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Hi Neil, yes it was set as an outro. I discovered a work-around in the meantime. I added a single kick on beat 4 to fill out the bar. It actually may work out well because I can mute my guitar sustain with the kick for a tight ending.

Thanks for the tip, as it makes complete sense to me. I’ll definitely experiment with your method going forward.

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Glad you got it all sorted out. I had some dramas with using outros so I ended working them as a song loop rather than an outro.

You can also configure an external footswitch to trigger pause … and time that click exactly.

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The other trick that works is to just make sure the last drum hit has a midi note long enough to extend to the end of the bar. It won’t lengthen the sound of the note, if it’s a kick or snare, really anything that is labeled as percussion in the BB drum kit.