Ending beat - BB songs need to end on the one instead of the four

One thing that I find to be a big deal is that when I end a song it needs to have a final hit - one additional measure at the end with a single beat on the one - a kick + snare + ride or whatever. When the outro ends on the four it is very unnatural.

I know that I can use the extension switch to trigger a hit manually, but it seems more natural for the outro/end to include the final hit.

As most kits have the same slots for the above three, I guess I could edit this in and copy and paste but I don’t know how to stitch a one beat measure to the end of the factory- programmed outro measure.

When I have an unusually-timed final beat, I program the end as a full part and then add several silent bars with a hi-hat hit on the fourth beat of the final bar. That gives me the ending I want and several bars to stop the song. When it’s really tight, I might program the final passage with the end and the silent extra bars.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks. So far, the most I’ve done on the programming jside is to launch the app. Too many irons in the fire.

Frankly, this kind of thing should be done by SS and not the users. When producing a project and giving it a final check before adding it to the herd, it should have been noticed that the outro for some items just doesn’t sound right - with certain BB songs there is some sort of flourish at the start of the outro followed by an ongoing beat that just ends.

With many other songs, however, it definitely is done right,