Ok so I have been thinking this since the very 1st time I double tapped the BeatBuddy with the Aeros attached for an outro. I really want for the last note of the outro to play the first note that I had recorded on the Aeros. Only the note for the currently selected part, and all of the tracks of that part except for any muted tracks.

Right now the Aeros stops at end of measure or whatever you have selected in settings, and the BeatBuddy plays the kick and a cymbal crash right after end of measure. Right there is where we need the Aeros to play the first note in the currently selected part. It needs to decay the same as the BeatBuddy, and end at the same time.

From there we we might try holding out the last note and let the BeatBuddy go crazy just like the ending of a song done by a real band, or perhaps a break type ending, or whatever else might come to mind. It would be nice to craft our own custom endings. Right now choices are limited.

Hi there,

Thank you for your request but we will not be implementing this, for this reason I will tag this as #considered.

Ouch. Considered and rejected…

In the most passive way via the euphemized considered tag.