Englishman in New York, Live with the BeatBuddy

An Impromptu song at one of my recent gigs, used a reggae beat and cranked the speed 100 BPM.
I think I will make a drum beat for it and put the song permanently in my set-list.
Still recovering after I lost my voice after three gigs in a row, lack of sleep and some long distance travel last week.



Very nicely done, Diego.

Thanks man



Great song cover Diego. Can you explain how you work with your looper and which model you use? Thanks !

Cheers Tshiko.
in that video I use a Boss RC 3, it is between my BeatBuddy and my guitar pedals. It has no midi input so can not sync it via MIDI with the BeatBuddy, However, if you try your best to be precise with your button press, 90% of the time you will get it to sync with the BeatBuddy.


Very cool!

:cool: That’s slick , did you get the Beat Buddy before or after the VL3 ?

EZ :


Hi, Thanks for the kind comments. I got the BeatBuddy after the VL3.

Great vocals

Cheers man


awesome as always Diego. Keep it up. Just curious which monitors are you using? And how long does it take for you practice and to get a brand new song for your set ready to be able to do all the loop and BB part and play all the guitar parts smoothly to be ready for one of your live shows?

Hi, I used the middle monitor, but I think the other two was on, albeit at lower levels.
It depends on the song, generally it takes me a few hours from scratch (learning the song, making the beat, practice, etc).

I meant what BRAND of monitor are you using :slight_smile: WOW only a few hrs thats great

Oh, I use a Behringer 12" wedge. I think it is the B112D