Enter/exit folder command

I am using the enter/exit command to change folders in beat buddy. When I enter the new folder via a scroll up/down. The BB reverts to the previously playing folder/tune even though the new folder set list is showing but not selected. I have to hit tap on the pedal to select the new song. What am I doing wrong?

Hey there,

The enter exit folder command does not open the song the BeatBuddy has selected, to do this you must click the BeatBuddy Main Pedal or send the Main Pedal MIDI commands for press and release (cc120 value 1 press, value 0 release, you must send both)

This button is useful in general on a midi controller as it removes any need for using the main pedal on the device itself

This command on a button can also replace a start, fill, transition, and stop all in one allowing for more use of the midi maestro’s screen real estate when creating your own custom mode or downloading/modifying an existing one

Thanks for the question!

That worked… thank you.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: