Here’s my entire Beatles folder, 84 songs in all. Some good, some ok, some need work. Enjoy.

02_BEATLES.pbf (1014.5 KB)


Thank you Phil

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Thanks for the contribution to the community, Phil!

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Thanks Phil but why, on my beatbuddy, does each file not play and reads null in the Main Drum Loop window? Thanks, Ed

That’s the way I set up my songs. The “main” is just a null, a counter. I watch the BB to see the tempo. When I’m ready to go, I trigger the Outro. That’s where the entire sing sits. I do it that way , opposite of most here, because I don’t want the song to repeat at the end and if in Main, it does that. Also, I use a foot switch to trigger everything. Very convenient.

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First of all thanks for the Beatles collection I downloaded the file how do I open it and play it so I can hear the different beats I’m new to this

Check out the links embedded here resources

You’ll find the Quick Start Guide helpful.

Thanks Phil! Happy Thanksgiving!

Many thanks - I’d never have worked that out! Thanks again, Ed

Thanks for your work Phil.

I’ve downloaded Phil’s BEATLES folder and in the BB MIDI editor I notice some voices (drums) not supported. Can someone tell me what this means? It seems like I’m missing material (info) for example in Drive My Car there is no cowbell…what gives?
tom Stoltz
in Maine

The song was probably crafted before the cowbell was added to one of the later kits.

The song was probably crafted before the cowbell was added to one of the later kits. <

Yes, well, what about the ones that aren’t supported? There are a lot of them and the drum kit he sites is not one in my BB.
Tom Stoltz
in Maine

If I understand your question correctly, you should be able to search in this forum for each drum kit. Also, I know there’s at least one thread called missing drum kits that should get you going.

Hey there… I did those tunes. I used my kit, NP LUDWIG WITH BASS which is derived from Singular’s Ludwig kit. As such, I can’t give it away unless you purchase the original kit from SS.
That said, there very well be unsupported in each tune. That’s the way the midi files that I used were set up. I’m not near BBM for a few days and I don’t remember if my Ludwig kit has cowbell or not.