Here’s my entire Beatles folder, 84 songs in all. Some good, some ok, some need work. Enjoy.

02_BEATLES.pbf (1014.5 KB)


Thank you Phil

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Thanks for the contribution to the community, Phil!

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Thanks Phil but why, on my beatbuddy, does each file not play and reads null in the Main Drum Loop window? Thanks, Ed

That’s the way I set up my songs. The “main” is just a null, a counter. I watch the BB to see the tempo. When I’m ready to go, I trigger the Outro. That’s where the entire sing sits. I do it that way , opposite of most here, because I don’t want the song to repeat at the end and if in Main, it does that. Also, I use a foot switch to trigger everything. Very convenient.

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First of all thanks for the Beatles collection I downloaded the file how do I open it and play it so I can hear the different beats I’m new to this

Check out the links embedded here resources

You’ll find the Quick Start Guide helpful.

Thanks Phil! Happy Thanksgiving!

Many thanks - I’d never have worked that out! Thanks again, Ed

Thanks for your work Phil.