I don’t know if this fonctionnality will be included in the software, but it could be great to have the possibility to equalise the pedal (bass-treble, I do not know if my english is understandable…)

Your english is pretty good.

I doubt there will be an EQ setting for the initial release version of BeatBuddy Manager software, but this could be added in later versions.

You can build your own box for this if you are handy. I built a Stereo “Tone & Volume” box for my Beat Buddy to tone down the piercing Cymbal Crashes which are sometimes annoying. It worked out great and if you want some ideas about it, let me know. I now have it mounted on my Pedalboard just above the Beat Buddy. I actually have it set up with the Beat Buddy feeding into a JamMan Delay Looper into the Tone Box, then on to the Alesis Mixer allowing the full signal to be recorded into the Looper which seems to work out better. Of course, it also antenuates the guitar or instrument but that can be compensated for by boosting the instrument volume a little. Works Great! Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.
P.S. Beat Buddy put out a lot of Genres’ of Drum Tracks but forgot to add “Swing” to the Menu. I made up my own using Beats out of “Country” Tracks. R & B is not what I remember either. R & B stands for “Rhythm & Blues”, not something Funky like I am hearing. Thanks!

I also would expect RythmnBlues in a R&B folder, but anyway, I would like to know your Stereo “Tone & Volume” box constract…

I will send you the picture of the Volume/Tone Box if this page will let me. It did. Below is a diagram of the EQ box I built with the components. I used a small Hammond Aluminum Box to mount everything and it fits on my Pedalboard just right. The tone controls are for the high frequencies only and will not enhance the Lows. Hope this will be helpful to all those interested. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention and show that the inputs and outputs are from right to left. The right most I used for the left channel input, the next left for the right channel input, 3rd left, left channel output, and 4th left, right channel output. Sorry I didn’t put it on the drawing. Fingerstylepicker.