Equipment Setup - Routing


New to the site & setup. I am asking for help on the best way to setup the following equipment to be used for a Garage Live Band setup. Have (4) band members [2- Guitarist/Bass/Drums] 1 Guitarist Sings for now.
I have the following:

  1. Voicelive 3 Extreme [Used for Guitar & Vocals]
  2. Aeros
  3. Midi Maestro
  4. BeatBuddy
  5. Line 6 Stagescape M20D Mixer
  6. (2) Line 6 Stagesource L3T Speakers (Used as mentors in Garage Band Setup for now.

I would like to use looper for Guitar & Vocals (Backup Vocals Only)

I’m trying figure out what cables go in & out of each device.
I have the Midi cables to connect the Midi Maestro, BeatBuddy & Aeros

Really looking for help in how to set this up correctly. Not sure where the Voicelive 3 Extreme connects to & what cables from VL-3 go to the mixer. Also what goes in & out of the Aeros etc.

Much appreciated if anyone can guide me through this. A diagram would really be helpful if there are any out there to following easily.