Erase total songs

Hello .
Is there a solution to erase all the songs saved on the Aeros memory at once? Thanks.

Internal memory =NOPE
SCARD= Yes >remove and put another one OR remove >insert pc>delete the song folder

Hello NYHC !
Sorry but your answer is not clear to me.
Is there a solution to delete all the songs from the internal memory without having to delete them one by one (I have more than 300 memorized), without resetting the whole device? If I have to do a full reset to delete the songs, do I have to update it again with the latest firmware?
thanks !

Hey there, yes you could delete all internal songs at once with a factory reset, the firmware will not be affected by this action.

We will soon allow using USB to access internal, not a problem for too long :slight_smile:
Thanks for the question!