Error message from BBM

BBM is giving me this error message when there definitely is a main loop in the song. Any ideas anyone?Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 21.56.13

Do all of your song parts have a main drum loop (box on the far left of each part)? If so, try deleting the part and re-adding it.

Never seen this before without a loop missing, but I don’t use Mac, so…

If you’ve clicked to add another main loop but not actually put the loop in it’s the only time I’ve seen this. It will just display the 3 dots waiting for you to add something. If that is the case click the X on the right hand side of that song part and it will remove it. This should solve the problem.

If there is no song part then I don’t know. Just add it to another of the BBM bugs.

Hey there,

When a song is missing a main loop this is the generated message. You will either need to delete the song or add a main loop per song part that exists.

Try that out and let us know!

yes it was user error. i had a redundant song part with no main loop. thanks folks!