Error message

the message /see attached file) i get when i want to export my project to the pedal. The message dont say which song so i checked all and could not find the problem.

Can anybody help me?


Yes, this message is VERY annoying! It is totally vague and doesn’t say what exact song is invalid.

…And, unfortunately, it is simply impossible for me to help you, as I have no direct access to your BBManager :frowning:

You need to go through ALL the songs in ALL folders and look for such:

Either add a main loop to it, remove the song part, or remove the whole song altogether.

Repeat the process above until there is no such error for you (as your project can have several invalid songs!)

…And no, it is not possible to recover the song you’ve accidentally screwed currently (like, Pop 6). The best you can do is open the clean project, and start from scratch.

i checked everything one more and found out that Rock10 had no main drum loop. I dont know why?
May be i deleted it without knowing of it???

Anyhow thank you for your fast reply!


Yes, totally like you accidentally your Rock 10 song :slight_smile: