Errror Message while synchronizing

bbmgr 1.501 every time i synchronize with the beatbuddy i get the message below many times[ATTACH=full]1302[/ATTACH] .

Wher can i get this effects?
What can i do?


I get this too - what does it mean exactly? It seems to suggest that the files do not exist in the workspace and that they are therefore being copied there at the time of synch? It’s probably a bug because the BB itself appears to remain unaffected.

This means there is definitely a bug in the software :slight_smile:

Try ignoring that message until I fix it properly!

[Edit] I’ve actually just fixed this internally.

okay its a bug!
Meanwhile i took the effects folder from a backup of an old Software version and overwrite the current files.
Now i have no more errormessages!


I get this every time I synch as well ever since latest software. Several of these come up each time. I just keep hitting ok button and continue until the synch is complete. I had thought somehow I did something when configuring my workspace but now that it’s a known bug, I’m relieved. Will there be a fix distributed?

This will be distributed in the next update. It was a little too hard to make this minor fix on top of the old distributed version.
Also people would need to separately download and install two new versions pretty soon, and the next version will hopefully be the last one you will need to manually download and install.

Hello – I’m a new user just going through the tutorial for the first time. Today is Jan 21, 2016. I have updated my BB with the latest firmware, downloaded directly from the site last night, (1.4.1), and also downloaded and am using the current version of BB manager. I just synchronized for the first time, as instructed at the relevant point in the tutorial, and got the above error message approximately 15 times. Am I doing something wrong, or does the bug still exist?

No, the bug still exits so just ignore it.

Good to know. I’ve got the same issue.

I updated to the newest firmware version on the day it was released. Yesterday when I synced I got that familiar error message again. It had not shown up on all the previous syncs at the new firmware level. I was under the impression this bug was going to be fixed.

Bug not fixed, I get this message 23 times while synchronizing…

It will be fixed in the upcoming version of the BBManager.

Sorry, I misunderstood. It clearly says above this is an error with BB Manager I had that confused with the BB firmware update.

Not sure if this was supposed to be fixed now, as the post is from 2014… but I still have it…

Marcello, you’re not the only user reporting this symptom. Although the developers believe it has been fixed, which version of the BBM are you using and is it for the Mac or the PC?

A quick suggestion: look for and correct songs titles that have non-alphabet characters such as ’ & >

Were any functions in the BBWorkspace performed outside of the BBM e.g., using the computer operating system to copy, paste or move files or folders? If so, that could be a cause. If you did this, contact me via PM and I’ll see what can be done to fix this.

thanks, taking out special characters such as “#”… fix the issue… maybe # can be allowed in the future…?

Not in the current version of the BBManager, but hopefully in a future update.

Hi guys, yes I am still receiving these messages sometimes up to 20-30 times ever since my last software update (didn’t seem to get these messages before). Any how on another note, when i go into my Midi Editor to make some changes to a song the Midi editor keeps crashing. Anything you can do to help me figure this out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Run as administrator?

Hi Rob . Sorry I don’t quite understand your reply. Run as administrator?