Estimate Project Size for SD Card?

I had bought a bunch of 1gb SD cards a while back that a retailer was blowing out really cheap. I’d like to use them for the BB projects, but tried to export a project today and the card fell short of having adequate space by about 800kb. I don’t mind smaller projects just to be able to use the cards, but not sure if there is a way to estimate the if a project can fit a card or not while building up a project. I think the project files are ‘hidden’ in the working ‘user_lib/projects’ folder so I can’t check an individual project size as I build a project.


You may be able to get to the contents of your BB project folder by clicking on the Project Explorer - your project name.bbp that’s below the Virtual Machine pane. Surprised that you can’t double-click on your user_lib projects folder to view the contents and determine each individual project’s size.
You’ll have to do your own math and play with this to validate what I’m suggesting and you’ll also have to keep in mind that just because your SD card’s capacity says it’s 1Gb, it doesn’t actually have that much free space. I’d take a blank card and install the firmware, update the pedal and adjust your pedal settings. Once you’ve done that, I would check the properties to see how much free space you have remaining—that’s what you have available for your project. For project planning purposes, a general rule of thumb might be to have ~6-7 drum sets checked/active under the drum sets tab (each drum set will take up 80-100Mb. A default BB song might take up 500-700kb while a premium song might be 1.5Mb; OPBk songs might take up 5-30kb.

1 GB is way too small of an SD card to contain a project, and it is typically an incompatible format regardless. It needs to be SDHC and between 4-32 GB. More info on formats here:

Regarding the project file, if it is in that location that you uploaded a screenshot of (and you can verify the location by hovering over the project name like @persist shows in the screenshot) - it is hidden. Go into ‘view’ and select ‘view hidden items’ (the wording may differ a bit) and you will see the project file show up as a lighter color than the non-hidden files.