Every time I have synchronised BBM with BB I have to reset my footswitch pedal actions

And let me tell you that it is a royal pain in the @ss !

52 step pain in the @ss

I know what you mean, i have that as well, would be nice to be able to save the settings or can you?.

You can save the remote foot switch settings with a modest workaround:

  • Set the foot switch settings on your pedal
  • Put the SD card in your computer slot reader and navigate to and open the SD card
  • Copy the PARAMS folder to your desktop
  • Once you’ve completed Export(ing) Project to SD card from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), copy the PARAMS folder to your SD card and accept the prompt to overwrite

If you update or change your foot switch settings, repeat the above process.

Thanks again, it seems do-able and a real life saver for when i get out live again:-)

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