Everyone check out this web site.


how do i convert these so they work on the beatbuddy?

Download to the Beat Builder then put it on the beat buddy.

I tried to put it in wouldn’t do it I tried making it a zip that didnt work . after i down load it should i put it in the midi ?
I cant seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong

This is an awesome site. If you want to make beatbuddy songs out of it, just bring the midi into a midi editor (I use Reaper and Aria Maestosa). Chop the song into the loops you want (Intro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Outro, etc). Then delete all the tracks but the drums (and bass!) If you want to keep the bass line, edit the bass line and move the entire thing up above note 64 (which is a low E) Export the loop and merge to 1 track! (Use Guitar Stu’s drums with bass drum kit to play the resulting loops)

What is the web url?

Got it it is “midi.ws” which translates to “https://freemidi.org/