example of using MIDI cc to control BB

[ATTACH]2174[/ATTACH] Here is a pic of a chart in Unrealbook (an iPad app) showing two tap buttons. In UB these are used to do varying functions, including transmitting midi messages. As you can see I have one set as the transition and one as the outtro.

Works really well! The only drawback for the transition is that via midi transition keeps looping, whereas using the pedal it auto jumps to the variation pattern…it is overcome by tapping it a second time, which sends BB to the variation pattern. I can of course set up half a dozen of these buttons to match all of the BB midi functions, but with the extension footswtich and these I think it covers my needs. Just thought I’d post a pic :slight_smile:

Oh if anyone would like a video of of working…give us a shout :slight_smile:

YEs I would like to see a video and is it possible so set on song to select and load a song on the MBB via midi. If so can you describe how I would do that within onsong? I understand it requires the new firmware.

I use primarily Unrealbook, I do own OnSong as well, however I find it too heavy in features…and I do not like the vertical scrolling which, in my case, never quite jumps to the right spot on subsequent chart pages… Further, I think all OnSong can do is tx bank and patch change??, UB can send any mid command/s, including sysex strings. I have never delved that far into the Onsong OS to see if its midi implementation can do the same, just check the manual. http://onsongapp.com/manual/all.php
I’ll try to get a video of the tapping the iPad “buttons” as displayed above when time permits.

We’d love to see the video demo. :slight_smile: