Exciting new sounds ... BUT ...

First, I have to say that this is exciting! I’m glad to see that the “management” :slight_smile: is listening to those of us who do mostly acoustic music. So, this is awesome! I wish it had been done earlier, but we have it now.

But, and I HATE, to complain, I just don’t like the slapback echo on some of the instruments in the World Percussion Set. I LOVE the variety of instruments, shakers rattles ETC however.

I am listening on headphones, and the slapback may not be so obvious on my PA speakers, but I gotta say that if I had ANY control over that, I’d turn that echo right down.

The Flamenco set, however, sounds pretty GREAT. I can hear the room, and it sounds natural.

So, good work guys. Can’t wait to start playing live with these. :slight_smile:


Very nice!!..but what’s with the vocals? Well recorded but it will drive you bonkers after ten minutes!

Yeah, if I were doing my own flamenco music, I would definitely want to do my own shouting and stuff.

But, the web site said that one of these two cajon sets should be used with the basic coffee house beats and so I would imagine that coffee house beats wouldn’t contain shouts so it should be good!

You can edit the drum set and change the shouts to an unsupported midi note so it won’t trigger them or delete the instrument triggering the sample so it can’t trigger them