Exp in Aeros


I don’t get what’s the EXP IN for.
Can someone explain to me please ?

I think it’s for an expression pedal to control volume or settings ( or both?)

We haven’t made a use for it yet, but we’re exploring the options now that we’re looking at MIDI implementation!

On an unrelated note:The new 3.0 firmware is live! Make sure you’ve updated your firmware to the latest WiFi version!

It’d be a pity that expression pedal only controlled volumes Imho.
f I just don’t care about Midi as I’m not planning to use it. So far. But I can understand many users need it and that it’s a top priority.

Myself I’m looking forward to the Lock Track update. It’ll change everything! Stereo full implementation as well. Opportunity to choose middle, left, right, percentage… by a simple roll. hum! That’d, sorry, that’ll be awesome :wink:

I did upload 3.0.0
Thanks. (WiFi worked perfectly)
Haven’t tryed it yet though.

Exp In seems like a waste as long as the Aeros is “just a looper”. Now if they add some other (audio or control) features …

I think most people wish this could be repurposed as an input for one or two buttons. That depends on what h/w is attached to EXP IN and the brilliance of the team.

the aeros isn’t just a looper by connecting the aeros to the midi and BB i can send commands to the other units so if you are using the exp. pedal of the midi for something you can use the aeros pedal for somethings else giving you extra commands on the fly without changing settings or anything.