EXP OR additional Footswitch

I was never a huge fan for a Volume exp function on the looper, but I can accept that people want it
no problem with that feature.
But what I see he most, is that some user don’t like the looper , because it’s to difficult to use it with only 4 switches
Hell yeah the double tap to mute is so grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I was thinking about, and I don’t speak for myself, because I have the MM, but I speak for other people

I speak to make this looper more easy to use, with simple switches

Maybe is it possible to add a function for a choice on the EXP, which could simplify the use, even in live situation
Simple to add a footswitch like the Beatbuddy one, and when this is plugged, that this one is the Mute/unmute in a single tap, and change the switches of the Aeros with only the Undo/ redo /Erase
In this case we can have 6 operational footswitches .

With this you can use this looper even in 6X6 mode with the next track and just press the mute/unmute
Could be more easy
Just a choice in the settings:

Possible or not ?

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Yes. Possible and useful.

Most midi controllers inputs that take expression can also handle a double or triple button switch (equivalent to both buttons being pressed at the same time). Fairly straightforward, albeit low level, programming and control of the io pins. Going beyond two to a third button requires some diodes in the footswitch design. There are two standards for this three button footswitch which is made by many third parties (e.g. American Loopers)

Worst case, just emulating what an expression pedal provides, a single button is trivial to sense as heel down versus heel up. With an additional resistor for each extra switch beyond the first, you could build a proprietary to provide many extra buttons; each button emulates a unique expression value spaced far enough apart from the others.

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The Line 6 Stomp XL has an option to configure the EXP port for either an expression pedal or to use a configurable two-button foot switch. I kind of like this idea.


Yes this is like a explain on the post

Could be fine to have that on Aeros