EXp Volume control

I saw that the next step would be the exp volume control
I understand people that want this feature
But have two control (volume pedal and wheel) is a little bit ridiculous
Could be fine to have the choice of the exp in the settings

  • Global Volume control
  • Input level control (in this case user can use the input level with a pedal and the wheel to control the main volume
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@NYHC while redundant, the wheel is cumbersome to achieve a smooth fade out. Now that there is auto fade, that is limited to the length of the loop. So if one needs a longer fade, a pedal is my preference. While the wheel is an additional volume, it can serve to tweak overall volume if a loop is too loud or soft. I understand your frustration but it will be beneficial for some users.

Any choice you want for the EXP pedal tomorrow could have also been available with the Scroll Wheel yesterday. The two should be interchangeable in abilities, but each should be configurable by the user.

I would personally like to control which ever channel I’ve selected in the Mixer, regardless of whether I’ve stayed on the Mixer screen or not. It would be also good if the Mixer screen included Input and Click.

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Can be a long discussion
Like you say the fade is the loop lenght

If you have a 4 measures loop during 8 second you can fade out 8 sec when you press the stop at the begin of your loop
or 4 sec if you press the stop in the middle, or 2 sec if you press at the end

If you want a longer fade you can just play your loop with 8 measures and can have a fade out of 16 seconds, or 8 sec if you press the stop in the middle
It’s just another way to work,

Hope Singular sound can give the choice in the settings for different way to use the EXP and why not make it possible to add a simple footswitch with features , like on the Beatbuddy

Thank you for the post, we will be looking into expanding what the EXP can do but we will not be altering the wheel to behave in this way or be customizable, this will be handled by the EXP.

This is not currently a priority but it is in the development timeline.

For this reason I will tag as #med-long-term

Thanks for the feedback!

Expression is possible. I made this video awhile back as the Quicco mi.1 is no longer available. Replaced by the Widimaster. This can also be done with Airturn bt500s-6 pedal which when combined with the widimaster will do direct pairing without the iPad app midiflow…doesn’t Midi Maestro have a pedal port, capable of sending the same control message to Beat buddy?

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