Expansion Of Live Accent Hits

Hi, I would love it, if we could trigger two Live accent hits per song, using the extra pedal, or as part of a new “three switch pedal function”, also it would be great to have, as with the Drum Kit instruments up to 15 rotating slightly different wave files per instrument, adding an even more Live feel to the Beat Buddy.:slight_smile:

Hi Wee Joe. Do you mean two different types of instruments? And on the rotating wav files per instrument are you thinking randomly rotating or user selectable? I’m thinking you mean randomly rotating . . . .

Did you know you could use the smiley face tag on the left of your screen to provide feedback in the way of a suggestion?

Hi Persist, Yes two different types of instrument i.e. bass/snare or even open and closed hi hat or tambourine. and yes rotating randomly, unless MIDI triggered “as well” then they could be velocity sensitive.
I did not know about the smiley face tag but will try it Cheers. :slight_smile:

This could be achieved already I think: the BB will accept midi notes from an external source and play them if they correspond to notes within the drumset. I am not sure if it will play external notes whilst a song is also playing but if so you could program a foot switch to send the desired midi notes when pressed. Have a look at Midi Solutions where they have a number of devices that can be programmed to send various midi messages when triggered. I think there is one that will respond to a footswitch trigger.

Hi Tom, yeah I understand this could be achieved already via a MIDI solution but I would much rather not use MIDI if possible keeping it really simple to use. Kind Regards. Wee Joe