Export drums and bass as one Midi file from Logic Pro X?

Hi all. I´ve search the net and the forum for answers, I might be blind but have not yet found a good recipe.
I have drum tracks in logic prox and accompanying bass tracks. I want to export them as a Midi file to use with my BB. All seems to work fine. But when I import the file to my BBmanager the bass is gone. Seems that only the drums is included in the midi track…

I have tried to join the tracks into one midi file but then the bass notes are turned into some drum mish mash…

Any ideas on how I can export both the tracks into one midi file?
It should not be impossible I think?

Very thankful for any tips.

I think your problem has an easy fix. In your screen shot, it looks like you’ve only selected the drums track . . . .

  • if you have not done so already, highlight just the bass track and Select All (CMD-A); all bass notes should be highlighted
  • transpose all bass notes up 24 semitones; check as sometimes it may require up to 36 semitones; you can use the keyboard shortcuts: each press of shift-option-up arrow raises the notes +12 semitones
  • select both the bass and drums tracks (highlight the drums and press shift-click on the bass tracks)
  • then you can join to single midi file
  • export midi to desktop (or wherever)
  • add the joined midi file in the BBM to the section you want (or Intro or Outro sections)

Let me know if you would like screen shots of the process and I’ll be happy to upload.

Thnx for quick feedback. You´re right about the screenshot. Unfortunately it was not that easy :slight_smile: I did find this “recipe” somewhere and I tried it but with no luck. I tried to follow your steps again, but I can´t get it to work (I might be doing something wrong). Anyways, I made a short video of what I am doing. Maybe that would make it easier for you guys to see what I am doing wrong. You can see it here (file size is 9.4mb): https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D471183_05780314_699051567

It looks like you did everything properly in LPX. I can’t tell, but do you have the Rock with Bass drum set selected as this song’s Default Drum Set? If not, you’ll need to do so.

That must be the trick… I have the “rock” drum set as default. I see that I have another track with “rock with bass". I have not imported this drum set earlier (I have only the standard sets). Do I have to do that? If so where can I download that drum set? As you can see in image 2, the drum set is marked with a "” could be because I do not have it installed?

The asterisk means that the kit is required but not installed.

Download and install the Rock with Bass from this forum Resources/Drum kits http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/rock-with-bass.3/

I would also suggest downloading and installing these kits that Phil has updated: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/np-kits-for-opb.812/

Ahhh… Just got my BB a couple of days ago so I have some learning to do :slight_smile: Thnx for support. I´m sure it will work now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the screen shots and the video. They helped to cut down the back and forth by quite a bit.

It works :slight_smile: Thank you!