Export folder as CSV in BB Manager

Just a thought as an easy way of sharing song settings with other users with mainly stock beats would it be useful to be able to export a folder as a CSV to include:
INTRO USED (file name)
FILLS USED (file name)
OUTRO USED (file name)
ACCENT HITS USED (file name)

Users could just recreate the song in their own BB.

What do people think, you could just share your song folder and upload it somewhere but that would include any copyrighted midi files as well.

So would you want pure filenames export without any content at all so people can take their own bought copies of copyrighted MIDI files to recreate the song?

I don’t think this will be very convenient. But most likely I simply misunderstood what you meant. Can you please elaborate? I feel your idea has a great potential.

I was thinking mainly of getting the data into the Beatbuddy tools website, but also for a way of sharing song structure with others, rather than explaining what fills have been removed or changed the output would show that and so users could copy and adapt - of course sharing a song folder is very similar but not quite as flexible.

What if we came up with a standard notation for BB actions that we could put into PDFs cheat sheets of songs? As a solo guitar performer, I love the idea of using the beatbuddy to make me sound like a whole band, but some of the songs are quite complicated. Before beatbuddy, I make pdfs of songs and the main requirement is: One Page. I should be able to play the song with just one page of notes. Attached is an example for George Micheal - Faith (with bass)… we just need to insert Intro, Fill, Transition, End Double Tap, etc… I’d love to play Sultans of Swing (w bass!) or Long Train Runnin’ (w bass) ( both favorite songs!!) But, I’d have to have excellent cheat notes first.