Export project to pedal

OK I received my pedal and installed the SD card. Now I am trying to get the BB Manager to sync with the pedal. When I select Export project to pedal I get a box that says “browse for the pedal SD location.” What now?

From the tutorial Sticky: follow the instructions below but in your instance instead of “Importing project from pedal” choose “Export project to pedal”.


Connect your BeatBuddy to your computer.

  1. Plug the USB cable into your computer and BeatBuddy
  2. Put your BeatBuddy’s SD card into your computer’s SD card reader (if you have one).

Import your BeatBuddy’s content into the software:

  1. Click Import-Export > Import Project From Pedal

  1. Under ‘My Computer’ click on the Drive letter for the BeatBuddy’s SD Card (either through the USB or SD card reader). In this example, it is Drive I:

  2. Click Select Folder. Do NOT click on any of the folders within the SD card. The SD card itself is the ‘Project folder’ that you are selecting. Just click on the Drive letter of the SD card and click ‘Select Folder’.

Thanks for trying to help Psalm 40. I followed your instructions but somehow all of my song projects were deleted and the software and pedal are not in sync. The pedal just says USB device connected. This whole process is driving me nuts and I wrote an email to BB support spelling it out. I have never seen a process where a user forum tries to solve problems with a product instead of a helpline like other companies. I really appreciate the users on this forum like you. Probably most of my problems could have been solved with one phone call and a short tutorial where the company takes over your computer and fixes the problem. It takes 2 days to receive a reply from BB support and by then I have screwed something else up.

I feel your pain Randy. I don’t think Psalm realised you had already created some beats for yourself. I was in the same boat. I can’t remember what I did when I got my pedal. I got a feeling all I had to click on was syncronise to pedal. I hope you had a backup of you created files.
Under the file tab you can “Save Project as” and save a copy to your hard drive. I also “export song” to hard drive after each one is made and then you can use import song to add it to another folder or setlist.

I hope I am wrong because the beatbuddy is amazing and If it was lost or damaged I would get another straight away but I think the creator of the device has moved on to other projects as there is alot of issues especially for people not so technically minded to get this thing working to it’s full potential.
Hollywood is making a movie about his life before beatbuddy and I wouldn’t be surprised if that has something to do with it.

Other than that maybe he is taking a deserved holiday as I am sure he had a busy year getting this out. It would be nice to know how things are progressing and if there will be any improvements, updates or Instructions.


Thanks Stu. I am going to have to start over with my songs they are gone. What are the steps that you use to apply the beats to the song. Now that I have my pedal do I use the beat I want from the pedal and then go to the software and save it? Or do you get the beat you want to use for a song and edit it in the software the export it to the pedal? I guess I don’t understand why the software is still not working with the pedal.

I’m confused. I changed the instructions to match what was required. I have never had any issues - well the only issue is when the pedal looses the sync with the project but then some here have never managed to get sync to work. The key is to follow the instructions provided in the tutorial thread and my videos may help as well.
If you are starting from scratch “Import project from pedal” etc… Make your changes then synchronise.

Hi. I put 30 songs into the BB Software and it asked if I want to sync and I said yes. It also saved after every song. When I plug the pedal to the laptop with the USB nothing happens when I choose a song on my saved list. There is a complete disconnect from the laptop to the pedal.

The pedal doesn’t currently work at all until you plug USB cord away.
This was made intentionally.

Right now it is easy to realize this was most likely an oversight. But it wasn’t so obvious when BeatBuddy was only a concept idea. I would expect this to change some time in the future, but currently it is as it is :confused:

I don’t understand what you mean by plug the cord away. I’m a little frustrated and dense.

To be able to trigger the songs from the BB you need to unplug the USB cable from it. Personally as my PC has a card reader I do not bother with the USB cable I just remove the SD card from the BB put it in the card reader, sync and then remove and stick it back in the BB.
I don’t trust windows so if a message pops up saying that the connected device needs scanning for data integrity etc - I ignore it…

Just make sure you are removing your SD card safely - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/safely-remove-devices-from-your-computer.

Yes, now Windows versions are much better than they used to be, but once Windows 2000 killed my USB stick when I forgot to safe remove it before unplugging.

OK I am really confused now. Support told me to put the SD card into the laptop when I was editing the songs or doing new ones which I did. My laptop recognized it and asked it I wanted to sync and I said yes. So I don’t need the usb cable for that part. But when I want to play a gig won’t I need the usb for the BB software to tell the pedal what song to play? Right now when I try to do that the pedal just says usb device connected. Also I need step by step instruction to save my music files on my hard drive. That process has always been a gap in my computer knowledge. I know you hit save as but I don’t want to lose everything again. Sorry to be so dense…

Sorry I may have confused you.
The SD card holds the data, so to get the data into the BB you need to plug the SD card back into the BB. The USB cable is only used if you don’t remove the SD card. When the USB cable is connectd to the the BB it switches all functions off as it is only use to write data to the SD card, to use the BB you have to remove the USB cable…I am sure all this is covered in the quick start guide that comes with every BB and in my signature is a link to the manual which explains this process better.