Export to pedal / Sync project

Question. I have downloaded many of the sng files from members, THANKS!,
made a new folder in the BB software on pc, put the sng files / songs into the new folder… BUT it wont sync or show up on card. Have looked and listened to tutorials…
what am i doing wrong?

It doesn’t work this way (unfortunately). Without using BBManager it is close to impossible to alter pedal contents.

First you need to Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal to get the project from SD card to the BBManager.
Then Import - Export > Import Song for each song to add it to the project in BBManager.
Then Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal to upload the changed project from BBManager to pedal SD card.

You should definitely look tutorials more closely, as this is definitely covered by Psalm40 already.

Can u tell me exactly which vid/tutorial?
Maybe Im missing something, or not explaining myself correctly.
I watched the vid on MAKE A NEW FOLDER, import export drum kit, put in new folder to make a set list…that i understand.
What i dont understand is…the songs or sng files people have been so kind to put on the forum …I have downloaded them…put them in a set list in the software…tried to sync to card/pedal…and when i remove the card/pedal from computer…they are not in the pedal…i may be missing a step …and cant seem to remember, or find the exact vid/tutorial explaining that specific part …is…

Were you able to “preview” them in virtual machine emulator in BBManager?

If yes, all you have to do after this point, is to use Import - Export > Export Project to Pedal. I do not use project sync, and do not recommend anyone to do this, as it won’t work until you properly set it up (via prior importing from pedal).

Also, make sure you always disconnect your BeatBuddy (or SD card if plugged directly) safely from computer - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/safely-remove-devices-from-your-computer.

THANK YOU! I will give that a shot in just a bit :slight_smile:

so i cant import project to pedal. It says there is already a project at this destination, do you want to overwrite it?


And by doing that…I like to be safe…I won’t lose anything?.. meaning…I won’t have to make a whole new sd card. I’ve read nightmare stories on here…to be honest…kinda freaks me out just to try it.

If you never try, then you never know… :slight_smile:

Just to add you can have more than one project file on the BB and any other file you like but it only recognises the main one. So if you want your changes to be reflected on the BB then you have to ovewrite the files on it (that is what the synchronising does, if it works) which unless you have deleted original content - will be adding your changes (songs, folders etc…)


Here is a little tip that I generally use. I always keep at least two or three SD Cards ready to use. As I right new material for the BB Pedal, I remove the one card from the pedal, take another card with the new stuff on it and insert into the pedal and it is ready to go. I take the old card I took out and save it as a “Backup” with the old changes on it. I put it in a safe place and date it before the new stuff was added. I always have that card to fall back on if anything goes wrong. I do this every time I make changes. I have the original SD card that came with the Pedal tucked away in a safe place so I have the original as “Backup” whenever I may need it. That one stays “as is” and is never changed. The rest of them are backups to the last prior change which I can fall back on if anything ever goes wrong with the current SD card I am using. As far as the new material is concerned, I already have it backed up in the BB Manager along with a few past ones that I never delete out. Never through the good stuff away. Someday you might want to use it again. Always push the lock on the SD card before you plug it in the Beat Buddy Pedal. This helps protect it from being corrupted or changed by the pedal.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.