Exported Midi Files are .bbt Files and are uneditable.

I still Cannot export midis from the BBM song parts and open them in my editor. It should be saved as a .mid file but is instead a .bbt file. Please fix. My editing capabilities are extremely restricted.


Jim - what’s the issue you’re having and what version of the mgr? I’m running 1.6.4 and if I left click a song part or right click and select Export MIDI File… I’m able to save any song part as MIDI.

I can save them. and when I right click on the file properties, it says that it is a .mid file but when it opens in the editor. it is a garbled mess. I use the free midi editor. I wouldn’t think that the editor is the problem.

Same here. When I export as midi any song from BBM and transfer them to my midi editor for editing, they all look like a mess, couldn’t tell which instrument is which.

This is what I get


Yep, I just confirmed with this same file (Blues - beat 1 straight 8) and I get the exact corrupted export as you. So, scratch what I said above - it appears the export feature is defective.

However in the interim while we wait for a response from BB Support and a manager fix, you can navigate to your BB Library and copy the file from there to edit to create a new MIDI file. That’s what I just did and it works fine. Doesn;t help for downloaded songs of course, just the default content so yes, hope they get this fixed quickly.

just tried the same file …(Blues - beat 1 straight 8) …
I’m able to dl it, … but I just tried to post it here, & it won’t post as a .mid
I’m changing the ext. to .txt …remove the txt don’t worry about the 'change the ext ’ part.
(I’ve never been able to post .midis to this forum )

Yep, I can dl (export). Yours is screwed up too, the exact same as mine and Jim’s. Nothing there for the first 3 bars and then only a partial pattern in the 4th bar.

funny, it opens up & plays in my BB mgr … & I’m all up to date w software.

Good news, folks: the developer is working on this bug.

Awesome, thanks for the update!

Hi ,
See thread about
[SIZE=6]Repairing method for BBManager exported files. 100% successfull.[/SIZE]
May be you’ll find a cool solution to deal with MIDI exports from BeatBuddy manager.
Have fun.