Exporting Aeros loop to Mac

Hi folks, only had Aeros a couple of weeks (longtime Beatbuddy user). I’ve recorded a bass loop, to teach my brother-in-law Black Magic Woman - he’s a beginner. But I can’t get it onto my MacBook so I can drop it into GarageBand and make him a practice track. The Aeros won’t recognise my SD card at all, the icon is greyed out. And, with the usb connection, nothing shows show up on my desktop. Any suggestions?

Aeros does not yet have a functioning import/export ability. I understand there is a workaround, however I have not tried it. For expediency, if you have an interface, I would hook up the Aeros outputs to your interface inputs and transfer your track in realtime.

If you save the song to an SD Card, you can then copy the tracks from an sd card reader to your Mac. Each song has a folder with files for each track and part.

Aeros currently adds a small number of extra frames (forget how many) at the end of the loop which you’ll want to edit out in you DAW if you want it to loop seamlessly. :man_facepalming:

Thanks - so the usb doesn’t do anything, but will do in the future?!!
I did manage to get the sd card to work eventually.

And I did notice the little bit extra as it drifted out from the drum loop I’d loaded from Beatbuddy. I wonder if that’s a crossfade they add to make the loops sound seamless?

Cheers for the help guys

I believe that is the logic for a seemless crossfade.

Hey there,

Yes, there are an extra 360 samples added at the end of every recorded file that allow the Aeros to transition smoothly.

You can remove the 360 samples manually in some DAWs, not all have a sample time-base option. We are building an export feature soon, it is meant to deal with this by cutting the 360 samples from a copy of the file if you choose.

Thank you for your question!

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Can’t wait! Well I can…but…