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Good morning. I recently purchased the Beat Buddy and footswitch. I havent used computers, software, midi files…etc much in the past so I’m a bit new to learning all the lingo that goes with those things. I’ve gotten to to the point where I can create a folder with a set list, edit parts of songs and put them into an exact order in the folder. However, when I try to export it to an sd card, it keeps sending the entire Beat Buddy library onto the card. Can anyone help explain how to export only the folder with the set list to an sd card…thank you

I hope it’s not sending the entire BeatBuddy (BB) library to the SD card! I think what you meant to say was that it was exporting the entire project to the card :upside_down_face:

The project is what the BB exports and synchronizes to the SD card. It doesn’t export anything smaller than the project you have open in your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). If in addition to the set list folder that you’re working on and you still have all the genre folders and songs in your project within the BBM, that is what will end up on your SD card. Armed with this clarification and while you’re still in the learning mode for this system, I’d recommend just continuing to use the project “as is” (with all of the genre folders and songs in addition to your set list folder).

If all you want on your SD card is that set list folder, then you can use the BBM to Export > Folder to your desktop and create a new project in the BBM and Import > Folder from your desktop to that new project. In this way, you can get just the set list folder (because that’s all that will be present in your project) on to the SD card once you Export > Project to SD card. Once you’ve exported the project, you can use Synchronize Project to SD card thereafter.

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I will give that a try…thank you for the response