Exporting/Importing Songs - Using Mac

Trying to build some songs.

  1. Folder names are in some alien type code. See pic
  2. When I click on a section to find a replacement…everything is grayed out and won’t let e select anything

You should only be working through Beat Buddy Manager. If you want to export a midi from a song, in BBM, control click the song section and Export as Midi will be an option. If you mess with files in the workspace you WILL kill your Beat Buddy system and likely lose data. Those .sng file are containers holding multiple files. You cannot open them with a DAW for any sort of manipulation.

Replacements for sections must be single track midi files, or, for accent hits, small wav files.

Thank you. I was not using the control button. Control works for editing the midi file.

How do i simply select a different part ?

If you want to copy a midi part from one song to another, just put your mouse over it and do a command c copy, and then a command v to put it into the new song. If you drag it, it removes it from the original song.

Or, you can hold the option key while you drag it and it will leave the original part in place :stuck_out_tongue: