Exporting just modifications?

When exporting a project to the card, do you always have to export the entire project? I have a rather large project (lots of kits and songs) and was wondering it is is possible to just export those files that have changed?


Unfortunately it’s all or nothing

Use the Sychronize Project option and it is quick to update files

Thanks guys…Stu, even with that when I need to transfer to the card for the BB, I still have to export the whole thing yes? Or is what you are saying that the synchronise function allows you to only save those changed files? I am talking about to the card now and not the project saved on the PC.

You only have to export to SD for the first time for a new project—when you do so, you should be prompted to synchronize future changes to the SD card. Thereafter, you only have to use the sync instead of export.

cooly cool! thanks :slight_smile:

This thread enlightened me about ‘synchronize’ which I did not have a good grasp on. I guess it’s kinda like ‘updating’ the contents of the SD card, but not a full transfer, just stuff that’s changed or added.
One question though… is it a bi-directional synchronize where if for some reason the SD card has more data on it (maybe the card had data added/synced from another computer), that it sends that added data back to BBM to keep BBM in sync with the SD card?

It’s bidirectional. If you change the tempo or kit on a song in your pedal and then sync the changes made on the pedal with the BBM, it will update that song’s tempo or kit in the BBM.

As long as I use the same project and project name on both computers, I don’t have any problems synching between these 2 computers with the same card. Sometimes when I make a change on computer A and sync and then sync the card to computer B, it will append “(2)” to the project name in computer B.