Exporting Midi Files


It’s been a while since I’ve used my Beat Buddy. I mostly create bass backing tracks in Logic X and then use them for my live banjo gigs, using my iPhone to play the MPP3 backing tracks I created. It’s a pretty good system, but I don’t like having to cue my iPod up using my hands. I want to control my backing tracks with my feet.

Honestly, I gave up on my Beat Buddy back in November of 2017 because it was so tough trying to figure how to export midi tracks form Logic X that worked with the Beat Buddy. Furthermore, I was frustrated by the fact that the tone I was getting in Logic X was completely different than the tome coming form the Beat Buddy and the “kits” available. However, now I’m giving my Beat Buddy another chance now.

Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? I exported the attached Logic X file as a midi file. All I get to play is the first few measures of hi-hat. As soon as the bass should start the song stops playing.

I should mention, I already raised the bass track up to G4. It plays fine without the hihat intro.

I should also mention I’m currently using “NP brushes Upright 63_91”.

Thanks for any help here :slight_smile:

PS @Phil Flood is always so much help! Thank You! I looked for my past posts on this subject, but I don’t see them anywhere…

Simple. Your hi-hat track and your bass track need to be merged into one track and then exported as a mid file for use in the BB. Select the two tracks and then do Edit>Join>Regions. After that, with the merged track selected, do File>Export>Selection as midi file. You will then have a midi file that can be imported into a Beat Buddy Song.

The tone will be different, because Logic is playing its internal instruments, and the BB is playing its drumkits. They are not the same. My Logic SoCal kit is pretty close to the Logic So-Cal kit. I do use the Logic Yamaha piano at times, and I also have used the Liverpool bass and Session bass. But the songs won’t sound the same coming out of your computer and then out of the BB.

Depending upon your computer setup, if you have a recording interface with midi connectors, you could connect the Beat Buddy and use it to receive midi from Logic. Then you could play the track in Logic and hear it from your Beat Buddy.

Thanks @Phil Flood ! You are helpful as usual! It’s working now :slight_smile: