Exporting project from computer

I have been using BB for a couple weeks now with few issues. I have new songs on BB on the computer but I can’t seem to get them to the pedal. I have deleted the project file on my pedal but it won’t let me export my project to the pedal. I get an error message saying “Invalid song” “There is at least one invalid song in the project! Make sure all song parts contain a Main Drum Loop.” All my songs have a Main Drum Loop.

I had this problem all morning. I finally went through every folder and did finally find that song with no main MIDI parts.

What parts caused that to happen? Every song I have has the Main Drum Loop. Is there something else?

There simply must be at least one invalid song out there.
You may have occasionally pressed that button “+ Song” and it appeared.

And yes, I agree that this behavior of manager software is not very cool, and is better being fixed in some later versions.

I went thru all songs and made sure all the Main drum parts were there. I also tried to save project to SD card and that seemed to work but I find no new songs on the pedal. If I go back to the BB software on the computer and open project on SD card, all the files show. I must be doing something wrong, but I don’t know what.

You need to synchronise the project with the pedal.
You can see how to do this in my tutorial video “Using the BeatBuddy manager software”.

I watched the video. I made a new folder and renamed it. I exported a song, named it and then imported it to the folder. All is well. I then tried to Export Project to Pedal, I get an error message “There is at least one invalid song in the project! Make sure all song parts contain a Main Drum Loop”. The song is named, has Default Tempo, Default Drum Set and a Main Drum Loop. What else is there?

I removed the song. So all that is left is the Project folder and it is empty. I try to Export Project to Pedal and I get the same error message.

That is very strange, if I read your post correctly your “Songs” tab only has one folder in it and you are “synchronizing” the project with the pedal not “exporting”? If you still have the original songs in their folders you may have inadvertently removed a main loop from one of them. If you still cant find the song which is giving you problems my only other suggestion is to download the SD Backup and copy it to your Beatbuddy overwriting everything. Make sure you make a backup of any songs you have created and start again.

Hope you get it sorted.

Most of my songs are on the computer. It won’t effect those, correct?

Worth mentioning, that having at least one song part without a main loop will cause the same error message.

Recheck all your songs before re-downloading all the content!

Daefecator is right, however if you are adamant that your songs are not causing the issue…then go ahead with restoring the BB with the latest SD content.
However I would store the songs you have created out of the BBworkspace folder though, as these may be overwritten when you come to import the project again from the Beatbuddy. Then I would import just one of your songs and synchronize the pedal and if it works you can then add the rest. If however, it stops working again then it is one of your songs which is causing the issue and you may need to recreate it.

I replaced the files as you said on the SD card. OK There must be an issue with the SD card. It started giving me an error message from Windows stating there was a problem with the card and that it should be repaired. I let Windows do that and then it worked a couple times though I could not access anything on the pedal. I could open my folder on the computer. Now it doesn’t recognize that I even have an SD card at all. This is very frustrating!!

If your BeatBuddy says “NO SD CARD”, you will need to take a look here - http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=519.

Well I’m at a loss here. My BB doesn’t say No Card but it does say No Song. It is reading nothing on the card. I still cant export project to pedal. I still get the error message “There is at least one invalid song in the project! Make sure all song parts contain a Main Drum Loop.” I’ve check and rechecked. All Main Drum Loops are there and work. All songs within the project are saved. None of the song names have anything more than letters. What else could it be?

I wonder if windows “fixing” something broke something. If you have tried copying over the files again then the next step would be to reformat. In the link provided by Daefector, are the details of how to do this and then copy the files back across, hopefully you will then have a working BeatBuddy. You could try this on another SD card as long as it is an SDHC card.

I have not had to do this but there are others on here who have, if you are worried send them a private PM.

Another topic that mentions formatting is

“NO SONG” means you only need to upload a content to SD card.

“NO SD CARD” means you need to upload firmware + content.

If you reformat your SD card, you will go a step backwards, so I wouldn’t recommend doing that in your case, John551. Your project is definitely having an invalid song. For troubleshooting, move this project to somewhere else, and don’t use it for a while.

Download a clean copy of the project from http://mybeatbuddy.com/downloads/, open it in BBManager, then try sync. Report results.

I used another SD card and placed all the backup files on it and I am able to use the BB as it was intended. I’m going to reformat the original SD card and try that one again. But for now all is well. Is there a minimum or a maximum size SD card that is preferred?

Maximum officially supported SD card size is 32 Mb. I know nothing of minimal size. The full content takes approximately 0.6 Mb, though.