expression midi pedal volume via CC-7?

given that the midi manual doesn’t mention it, is anyone successfully using a midi expression pedal via standard CC-7 to control volume of the Beatbuddy?
Or is it combo if cc-7 and cc-11?

I’ve read all the talk of volume pedals on the Beatbuddy output, and suggestions about expression pedals (eg FCB1010 and videos posted) but nothing mentioned about how that programmed or if it just works out of the box even though Beatbuddy midi manual doesn’t mention it.


Is no one actually doing this?

I tried it but I think you already saw the descussions I had already using the FCB1010

Possibly. Did you not get it to work then?

I saw YouTube video of a guy who had it working. I also note that upcoming midimaestro will be able to do volume and tempo change with an expression pedal.

No, it works but its way to sensitive to use.

Can you set the range of the pedal? Maybe 40% to 100% would make it less sensitive?

As far as I understand there is no range to set. only Data increment (+1) or Data decrement (-1)


Thank you appreciate the info. I went over this procedure when I was first trying to get this working.

Hmmm. Just been looking again it’s the Uno firmware chip modification that lets you set expression pedal range.

You could try this. It has three CC channels that you can set to any number. So, should be able to do 7, 11 or whatever. You just plug a TRS pedal into it, and it converts it to MIDI.