Expression pedal for tempo

Are they ever going to get a fix for a expression pedal to control the tempo

There is no way to connect an expression pedal directly to the BeatBuddy but you can use a MIDI controller capable of sending EXP signal through MIDI. The BeatBuddy can be controlled using the Tempo CCs

CC Value Command Name Version Added
CC-80 [1-127] Tempo Increment (NewTmpo = Tempo + value) 2.7.0
CC-81 [1-127] Tempo Decrement (NewTmpo = Tempo - value) 2.7.0

All MIDI commands can be found here

Sorry I should have said Midi maestro

This is not something I can answer now unfortunately, we hope to have something working for you soon.

Thank you for the question and we apologize for any inconvenience.