Expression pedal on beat buddy and aeros at the same time

hi can or will you be able in futur , to plug an expression pedal to the midi maestro, that will control the beat buddy volume, and at the same time use all button for the aeros ?

Hey there, that is the plan! We haven’t yet utilized the pedal port, but the idea is someone could use it to send MIDI controller data to another unit, stay tuned on that!

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thanks for your answer , how can I get the beta iOS app?

It’s not beta, it’s an alpha version (which means that it’s probably not in robust enough shape for general user testing and comments).

If you would like to participate in the alpha testing for iOS, you can contact @iajrz via personal message and provide him the e-mail address associated with your Apple ID.

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Thanks !:wink:

Are you able to update maestro ?
Change midi channel ?
Send a midi command to load a song ? ( that would be useful when loading a 4/4 or 3/4 song on the beat buddy )
At that point ?

You can update the MM, and send a variety of commands. The Android App is further along, but you can do most of the “basic” stuff (configure the MM for sending CC and PC commands) with either.

If you haven’t email me at – subject iOS Alpha, and your iCloud email in the contents so I can add you to the list.

It’s basically impossible to make sure I get everyone if you don’t go through my inbox – I’ll be more than happy to help!