Expression pedal trouble

Can’t get a brand new Nektar NX-P expression pedal to work with my midi maestro. Any suggestions?

One suggestion! Go to one of the modes and hold the bottom center and bottom right button at the same time, this will enter “Clutch Mode”. Do this for me and let me know if the number shown on the screen is changing value as you move the pedal.

Also if you haven’t already, please configure your expression pedal!

Let me know, thanks!

Yes the value is changing from 0 to 100 but the tempo doesn’t change

I am having the very same problem, although with a Proline expression pedal. This actually worked to change tempo on the Beat buddy the first time I turned on the Midi Maestro, but the values were too high and even at full off on the expression pedal it gave a tempo of like 186 on the Beatbuddy. I went into clutch mode and was able to position the expression so the it would cover tempos from 60 to like 190. That worked but the next time I tried to change tempo with the expression pedal, it would not change. It still will not change. What did I do? I have tried everything that I could think. It still changes values in clutch mode, but will not control the Beatbuddy. It DOES, however, control the Aeros. When I am in a song, it will save the song, and/or start a new track. Please help. Something is wonky.

Support told me that they should have a firmware update to fi x it by the end of April

Thank you for the information Ter.

I have messed with it and messed with it. It won’t work even when only the MM and BB are connected. Still shows the value changing in clutch mode, but simply will not control anything on the BB.

What have you done to compensate? Having to change modes every time between songs and changing the tempo by 1 up or down is a real tap dance and way too many clicks. Especially when there is a large difference in tempos between songs. It seems to be either that or bending over to turn a knob. I will investigate creating a custom mode to decrease the number of clicks.

I sure hope you’re right about a firmware update. This is not working as advertised.

Hi Terry,

I apologize for the delayed response. Our team investigated the expression pedal issue, and it appears to be related to the mobile app and firmware. It is not a hardware issue as we previously suspected, so that is good news.

The programming team will be working on this over the next few weeks, and we hope to have a beta version that solves this by the end of April. It will be in the form of an app update with a firmware update as well.

Keep Rockin’!
Jay, BeatBuddy’s roadie

I don’t remember the order of things, but yes, I connected with the mobile app and updated the firmware on the Midi Maestro sometime before it quit working. So that makes sense. I was going to try to find a way to downgrade the firmware to what it shipped with when I get time, but I guess I’ll just wait and see if there is going to be a fix soon. I’ll just keep tap dancing or bending over.

I have alleviated quite a bit of the tap-dancing with a custom mode. It’s definitely not perfect, but it’s much better than all the switching between modes. I am very interested in getting an update as to when this will be fixed. Any new news? Any Singular Sound peeps got any love?

Hi Terry,

So the programming team has made progress on this specific issue, however in the process the solution implemented has created other issues (this happens a lot in the programming world). They are working on those issues as well, and then a new version will be released. I apologize for the extended delay.

Keep Rockin’!
Jay, BeatBuddy’s roadie

Thank you, Ter. Getting this capability will make things so much easier. Hope it’s soon. Sounds like it could be a while though. Ugh…

This fix was supposed to happen at the end of April. It is now the end of May. Any updates as to when this will actually occur? Singular Sound? Do you have an ETA?

We have just released a version 1.4.1 for iOS and soon should have a fix for Android expression pedal, we have dev focused on this next in the MM app timeline.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for the reply, but ugh, what does soon even mean? I want it yesterday, so “soon” is here in a couple minutes. I do realize that in the context of writing code, testing code, and rewriting and retesting code that “soon” means something else, entirely. “Soon” is subjective non-information. I’m looking for actual information.

However, you also reminded me of the new version for iPhone and I’m really thrilled for the Apple folks. So I am going try the wife’s iphone to get past this problem. It might also solve the blanking of pages problem too. Thank you BrennanSingularSound. Not a bad idea.


iOS will fix both these issues!

It will also reset any expression pedal issues caused by a bug in the beta Android 1.4.x version.

I can’t give more info on android than that at this time, apologies.

Good to hear you have access to iOS though!

Ugh…it’s fixed neither problem. Expression pedal still changes values in clutch mode, but still will not change the Beatbuddy tempo.
It did blank the 3 pages that I was not using, but they are still in rotation. I still have 10 pages with 3 of them being blank. I wanted those 3 blank pages to just go away. No such luck. Is there something that I am missing?

Oh holy snap YES, the expression pedal is WORKING!!! OK time for a show!

Blank pages are still blank, and still in rotation. Not sure where to go with this one.

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Are you sure that there are no commands on any of the buttons in these pages? On my end, the blank pages are no longer appearing. Let me know!

Well I went straight to the batcave, downloaded the app on my wife’s phone, proceeded to spend the next hour recreating my custom mode (7 pages worth of commands), and then I uploaded it to the Midi Maestro. Nothing changed except that now the pages that I no longer use were completely blank.

On Android I could not save a blank page at all, so I ended up just leaving a dot In the bottom middle window to blank the page as best I could. After iOS, the dots were gone from the 3 pages and they were completely blank. Unfortunately I can still scroll through them. There are no commands in those pages in the iOS app.

Well I rebooted a time or 2 and recalibrated the expression pedal a couple times and it started working. I high-fived the wife.

This is definitely a 1st world problem to have, but I would love to get rid of those blank pages for quicker navigation.

Now I feel that I may no longer be posting in the correct thread lol

I forgot to mention that I used iOS to write dots to the 3 pages, then reblanked them and that also did not work.

Have you tried not writing anything?
What do you mean by this:

Can you confirm that if there is nothing at all written on a page in the iOS app, no dots or any text, that when you download a mode with less commands, the empty pages remain?

I am not seeing this, every time I write a mode on latest iOS, there are no blank pages or old pages when scrolling with footswitch.

App v1.4.x for android should be ready soon!

Thanks for reporting