Expression Pedal

Great, thanks. Worked perfectly.

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My pleasure!

Or better yet maybe use a expression pedal to engage real-time forward speed / reverse speed functions per track whenever that comes (hope very soon).

Example: Have some way to engage it with a footswitch on aeros and then on the expression pedal, toe forward speeds the track up and heel down slows it down and let us be able to do it while live recording the track(s) too. Perhaps different speed options in settings too for this. Like 1/2 speed or double speed both ways etc…

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The possibility could be there, there is still plenty of road to cover before we can explore this however, thanks for the feedback and stay tuned!

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Hi, totally agree on that, using the expression as volume should not be a priority since you already have that option built-in. In my case, when I want to record something and volume is out of mix I just arrange it from the source or mixer before the aeros loop or use the wheel as last option if the track is already recorded. But, when I want to track a piano or another instrument far from the pedalboard, I can’t just put the aeros loop out (with all the cables attached) or let it in the middle of the floor where everybody walk (690€ device) because I can’t use a 2 or 3 switch controller.

Other solution could be that I put a track on record but doesn’t start to record or measure time before I start to play (like the trio band). I noticed that you could start to record when you start to play but the time measure was counting since you press record so the end-track was totally out of loop with the other tracks because that time in between (pressing record and start to play) was added to the final recording of the track.

Possibilities are endless, even an Aeros-footswitch wireless :wink: will be a great add for multi instrument players, I let it there…

You will use the exp pedal connection, to have the same function twice on the looper, really stupid! I would have preferred to be able to choose what I want on the expression pedal, a bit like the footswitch on the beatbuddy. But really putting the same thing twice is really stupid!



What would be good options for your workflow?

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-Panning between left and right inputs
-Input vol with wheel as master output vol or vise versa
-The Absolute BEST Option… to control a 2 button external pedal such as the SS footswitch+ or the Boss FS6/7, to add 2 more functional buttons to the Aeros such as silent clear all or any of the numerous upcoming features or midi commands

  • Footswitch to add 2 more function like Lash say(single mute tap,navigate up AND down between the 6x6 tracks and part, lock etc…
  • Something like on the Ditto X4 that you can choose a FX and actived it
  • A pitch changer/reverse
  • A fade out control (that you can fade like you want in time and on any tracks you can fade short or long)
  • A level input control so that you can have nice overdubs
  • All what I mention above so you can choose which you want to use
    But the best is a additional footswitch.
    Use this input to have the same existing function twice , not really useful !

What’s even more funny is releasing something and the expression port don’t even work 1 1/2 yrs later lol.
Yes I agree with the above… many things it can be used for instead of just using it for volume which would be dumb considering there’s already a scroll wheel for it.


@Quad, @Brockstar while a volume expression pedal is redundant, I find the scroll wheel very cumbersome to achieve a smooth fade out. Perhaps having the option to set the character of the wheel could remedy that. And it would be nice if the volume could control both the loop and the input. We’re all a bit frustrated.

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I think the fade out can be added to the start/stop as a additional function on the Stop all. Adding in the Settings Stop with or without fade and length of the fade (Pigtronix had this)
A bit frustrated is to pay 645 euro on a looper and have 2 same function on it - No logic !


Thank you all for your feedback

We will take it all into consideration, thank you again!

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Has the expression pedal been activated for volume? The reason it is important even though the wheel is there is to be able to set a range and besides to use the wheel with your foot brings in the danger of hitting the button right below it…

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Hey there,

This is coming relatively soon,

Thanks for the question

Is this using the MM? If so I am so glad.

Setting the decay rate once the feature is implemented…

The expression pedal has been working to control volume since version 4.3.1 has come out, it is currently available on WiFi

Decay was re-implemented in beta 5.0.0

The EXP setup is also much nicer looking in 5.0.0 with its own settings page and design

This is currently not possible and may not be possible for the near future

The decay rate currently can only be changed by saving the song in 5.0.0

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for #5 beta update.
That’s great.

Can I expect that one day or another we’ll be able, via the MM app, to choose the function of the expression pedal out?
Now with the « arm » option it’s easier to me to start a 1st loop/beat in freeform with my multipad, but I’m now looking for a solution to stop/commit the recording, else than with MM footswitch which is not always easy. Going from kick pedal to MM is not always easy to keep the groove.
I wish I could do that by just hitting a pad at the end of my beat loop.
The only solution I found so far is via a MIDI processor. It seems I could change the pad midi note into CC41.
But I’m not too much into midi programming and that’d be another piece of gear to buy for that simple action.


I would not say to “expect” it but it is something we are open to in the future depending on the lift

Unfortunately, there is no automatic way to commit a recording but this is something we are also looking into

Thanks for your feedback and questions