extending the pattern e.g. 2bars(measures) to 8, how do I do this

I am trying to extend the intro pattern from its current 2 bars to 8 bars as in the intro to Apache as played by the shadows. I’m not a drummer so I don’t talk the lingo can you assist in plain speak. Thanks Chris

Since I can’t assist in plain speak, what song are you doing this with?

Phil thanks for replying, I’ll stick with apache. its 8 bar intro using base, floor tom and tom. I have found 8 bar samples but cant get the base toms to transfer. does this make sense?

Yes, it does make sense. I assume you have a midi file and that your kick drum and the two toms are all on the same midi track. If that is the case, the likely problem is that you are using a Beat Buddy drumkit that does not have all of the toms in the kit. This is a normal situation on the stock kits. Try one of GarryA’s kit from the Resources section. Garry usually builds his kits with a full compliment of midi drums. If that doesn’t work. I may need to see the file that you are using.