External Footswitch Function

I have the Beatbuddy mounted up high so it’s easy to select songs
I then start them by pressing the main pedal with my hand
I also use an external footswitch to Pause/Unpause

It would be nice to see one more function in the footswitch menu to start a song if the song is stopped
• No Action
• Accent Hit
• Song Advance
• Song Back
• Tap Tempo

That would enable me to select a song on the BeatBuddy, then use a single external footswitch to start the song & also Pause/Unpause

Great pedal…performing as a duet, this pedal has completely changed our sound
Our music is so much better with the BeatBuddy

Maybe I have my foot switch set different than you do - but the way I get this to work is to first select beat, start the beat, then use the foot switch to pause the beat. Then I just “unpause” to start everything together.
Maybe there’s a reason this won’t work for you or maybe you need to explore the Midi settings for the foot switch, Idk, but it seems mine is able to do what you’re asking.

I am not sure what you mean…what you describe is how I use the pedal & external footswitch

If you read my post, I am asking Singular to add another function for when the song is stopped (not paused)
One that will start the song
That way, the external footswitch can start the song after it has been selected & also pause/unpause it
I have the BeatBuddy up high so I don’t have to bend over to select songs

Anyway…thanks for trying to help!

Use the Footswitch as the Main Pedal:

Use the BeatBuddy on a table- top (or keyboard) height. Set one of the footswitches to act like the main pedal (Settings > Footswitch > Function > Main pedal)

Note: Latching footswitches can’t be used with the main pedal option. A momentary footswitch is required. All Singular Sound Footswitches manufactured
after May 2015 are momentary.

Thanks Phil…
I need to start a song & also Pause/Unpause it with a single press of the external pedal
That won’t work by setting the external to function like a Main
All that is needed is what I suggested in my original post…
To add one more function in the footswitch menu to start a song if the song is stopped
• No Action
• Accent Hit
• Song Advance
• Song Back
• Tap Tempo

thanks again for all your help to the BeatBuddy community!

I know what you’re talking about. I play solo gigs and would be nice to position the beat buddy mini pedal up off the floor and position it on my music stand so I can simply adjust the genre, song, tempo by hand. AND then use the foot switch (right toggle) to begin the drum machine. I get what you’re saying when you begin the song with your hand and then pause it, but then there is no drum intro and it doesn’t sound clean. If anyone has suggestions that would be great, thanks.

Hi Tim

Not sure what you mean by having no drum intro?

All of our songs have an Intro that is separate from the Main part & the Outtro

None of them are OP


Another option might be to think about this from the other direction and use a different hand controller and put the main unit on the floor. It’s a significant outlay if you don’t already have an iPad but many people on the forum have reported success with using onsong to control the BB.

You might be able to find cheaper alternatives on Android.

In fact a maestro might be a good option (for the floor or stand) but again not a cheap fix.

In response to exPiranha, if you start the BB with your hand and then quickly pause it with the foot switch, you lose the drum intro when you restart the BB. I believe that is what he was referring to? But yes, I’m in agreement, I’d like to hold the BB in my hand (i.e. change setting, etc) and use the FS to completely operate the BB. That means to start it and end it with the FS. Right now I have to bend down in between EVERY song (difficult from a bar stool) to change the tempo setting to exactly what I need. I don’t know if that makes sense? Thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep reading the posts, thanks for info ghostofweedon, I’ll read into that too. Thanks

Sorry, one other quick note, I’m using a beat buddy mini.

Ok - yes that would mean anything I said would not be applicable in your case.

new to BB, low tech 70 yr old, left messages with “support” and no response, maybe this will put me in touch with someone who can help…I have beat buddy (not the mini) I solo… I’m now comfortable with using the unit in my hand, just to discover what BB can do…I do need to have the main unit by my side to make the beat, tempo and drum set choices one “groove” at a time, and I like the fills, transitions and outros, so it’s time for the optional foot switch…before I purchase the foot switch I’d like to be sure it does those four simple things: start (don’t need intros…seems they’re optional), fills, transitions and outros…the more I look for answers the more confused I get with all the older Q&A because of technical changes to the product over the yrs, and I get lost in the tech talk…the BB sounds awesome, quite the upgrade from the Alesis, if I can learn a “simple” way to use it for my solo gig…hope I can reach someone with this question…thanks


There is a foot pedal setting to make the external pedal act as if it were the main BB pedal. This will do what you want. You could have 1 button set to that, and, for convenience, set the other one to outro.

thank you, Phil…apparently all the questions of how to do this over the last 3-4 yrs have been answered with the newer units being sold now (fall of 2020)…I will pick up the foot switch and get to work…your response is much appreciated…

Hi my duo partner just bought a used buddy that has a latch footswitch. Can it be modified or does he have to get a newer momentary type.? Thanks for any help

The ideal option that I am about to use is explained in this video
Don’t forget to read the comments, as the guy has made some progress after it

I set the left footswitch button as the main pedal and the right footswitch button for pause