External footswitch

There is no physical reason why the exp. jack could not use an external footswitch. A Boss FS6/7 or the Aeros Footswitch+ would be a perfect addition to the upcoming MIDI update. It would solve the problem with a separate single mute track button, and silent delete. In the future could be used for upcoming features such as reverse and half-speed. Including it in the Midi update would be ideal. I know SS wants to sell more MM but for many of us that will not happen due to space constraints. Wich is why I would never use an expression pedal there with the wheel next to it. (though others may, it is redundant.) But you could sell quite a few more Footswitch+ units and solve a ton of user complaints. As you are rebuilding Midi commands and functions this should be addressed in parallel.


There might be an electronic reason, but that would come as a surprise. The same reasons that would prevent reading the switch on would likely mean the Aeros is not protected against a short circuit fault from the cable or expression pedal.

Perhaps the Aeros uses a chip that ignores a closed circuit condition (nothing plugged in) or can’t distinguish between that and an open circuit.

I’m beginning to think that jack is there for asthetics only. Why in heaven’s name does it do nothing and the unit had been in the market for 1 1/2 years now?!!! I’ve brought your suggestion up in prior posts. SS claims it will not function like that. At this point, it plain doesn’t function!


@DavidPackouz Singular Sound has said it’s impossible to extend the Aeros to treat the expression input as another footswitch. I’m willing to bet* that the expression input can be used as a logical switch in at least one of the following ways:

  • With the proper cable and a common momentary switch
  • With the proper cable and about $2 of parts (call it a custom cable)
  • With a small box that emulated an expression pedal at a switchable level. One of the switches from Saturn, EHX, or similar $20 device.
  • With any expression pedal and treat heel down as closed and toe down as open (or vice versa)

*Note: Will accept monetary wagers or streaking down Collins Ave by the loser.


Brennan stated this about a year ago: Use of the expression pedal outlet?

In responce from this post earlier in the same thread:

" csapoa

May '20

Hi Brennan, the expression pedal is a passive circuit, which means it has states: variable resistance (/diodes) in between the T,R and S. So functions could be assigned to states of a volume expression pedal or just have a custom built switch for any of these states. Then it is ‘just’ programming. This improvement would mean that you don’t have to change the circuit only the software to have a foot switch programmed to a parameter. UNDO!! :slight_smile:"

I think that now SS is working on full Midi, It’s also the time to at least add vol EXP and 2 button switch option to the EXP Jack. Now is the time to make it a priority, in tandem with Midi.


Exactly what I pointed out a few months back! :slight_smile:


Other ideas include, 3x3 mode, hands free mode trigger, or assignable to the features of your choice that you need direct access.


Let’s hope that we’ll be heard on this point :pray: (use of exp jack)

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Hey guys, because you are so adamant, we will ask developers to do a thorough look with the schematics in hand to be ultimately sure.

You can’t say we aren’t listening!

Thanks for your feedback


That’s hopeful, Thank you.

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Not mention that the MM apps suck in the first place…

hey, let’s make the only way to program the MM by app only!

And then don’t deliver the apps fully functional - they even have bricking ability!

Yeah could be fine to have a footswitch, and can choose what we want to it like the BB