External Main Footswitch

I’d gladly give up one of the two input jacks to have another footswitch 1/4" input jack that parallels the main switch on the BB, allowing us to put the BB up on a stand (occasionally) where the controls are at arms length.

When I have BB on floor in front of me, I could also use it (on a longer cord) to let another band member activate fills and stuff on songs where I’m too busy.

This suggestion is worth considering when a major review of the firmware is done.

Can you confirm the main footswitch is momentary normally closed?

No idea, this should be tested first to evaluate the possibility to ever have that implemented :slight_smile:

Add the ability to put the Beat Buddy up on a stand or on top of your amp and have a footswitch that duplicates the Beat Buddys main pedel actions would be a Godsend for us older players that don’t stoop to the floor very easily any more.

I agree… with all the fantastic features and obvious planning and thought that went into the development of the BeatBuddy, I’m quite surprised it wasn’t built like that from the start. Kind of a no-brainer.

Absolutely. I’d order one today if it had this feature. As a keyboard player, I’m used to operating lots of pedals and switches but I can’t bend down and futz with something or try to read a display that’s under my rig. It’s frustrating because the Beat Buddy looks like just what I’ve always wanted in a drum machine but its pedal-only design makes it completely unusable for me. A third foot switch input would be nice - as suggested by the original poster - but really not necessary; just a software fix that would allow one of the external switches to duplicate the main switch function. Please. Take my money. Puh-lease…

What you suggest is indeed very useful and I see it as pretty feasible to implement. We’re simply not there quite yet. And I hope we will be there quite soon!

Any news about planing midi control (program change, control change)? Would be so awesome to be able to control song parts, fills, transitions, outro etc. with my midi controller. This way I could change song parts on my looper and BB with a single click. Also change Songs per PC and sending Tempo with controller would send me to heaven…:D!

I can envision the “Beat Buddy II” coming out in 2016, with this configuration. Happy enough, with the regular one though.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing :slight_smile: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/norberts-beatbuddy-hardware-hack.2109/