External Midi control with PC touchscreen

I am a keyboardist but bought BB a couple years ago because I wanted a drum machine that I could hack and tweak to meet my specific needs. I have been creating a Windows touchscreen app that allows me to control BB easier than using the pedal. I’m having a problem though, because of the way BB is reacting to the control info I send to it such as:

  1. CC:111 does not unpause after I have paused. The pedal shows no response.

  2. There is no way to trigger a part via CC:113 without a transition! Many times I’d like to start a song right in the part or change parts without a transition, but there’s no way to do it. Would it be possible to include a new control number that could handle this? Or even just allow for values like 101, 102, 103, etc to play parts 1,2,3 without the transition? This is a BIG issue for me!

  3. It would be nice if CC:112 would be able to accept a value that could correspond to which fill I would like to play. Sometimes in songs there is a very specific fill that I’d like to trigger.

  4. When BB is stopped, sending CC:112 to play a fill does nothing. Sending CC:114 works to play the intro and CC:115 works to even play the outro, so why can’t a fill be played?

  5. While a song is playing, I’d like to be able to go back and restart with the intro. But CC:114 doesn’t work while a song is playing.

  6. According to the manual regarding CC:113, “The transition will continue playing in a loop until the value is changed to 0”. But if I send CC:113 with BB stopped, it does not loop, it just plays a transition and goes right into the main pattern.

Hopefully, these items can be addressed easily and included in an update. I’m very open to working with the devs on testing and resolving any work on this. I plan to release the app that I’m producing to the community once I get it stabilized and address the issues. It really seems to be promising as a midi controller for those not able to optimally use the pedal.

Ed Saxman wrote an app that might be of interest to you. I bought it last year and it works as advertised.
Here’s the thread where I learned about it.
BeatBuddy Wireless MIDI Controller - Premium MIDI Layout for MIDI Designer Pro (IOS) - BeatBuddy / General - Singular Sound Forum

BeatBuddy Wireless MIDI Controller (iPad) V1.3 (gumroad.com)

Are you sure that you are sending the alternating values? Value 1 pauses, and value 0 unpauses

CC Values Command name Version added
CC-111 [0-127] Pause / Unpause the current song (0: Unpause, 1: Pause 1): Toggle between pause and unpause 1.8.5

You can find all MIDI commands the BB responds to here.

We are currently looking into this, stay tuned!

These were reported already by support and will be looked at soon, thanks for the requests, I cannot currently comment on whether or not we will/can support these.

Thanks for the post!

Let me know if you need any more help!

For item #1, the manual says " Pause/Unpause (CC:111, any value) " so I was sending a “1” to toggle. I changed it to “-1” and it now works. Manual doesn’t mention the distinction between 1 and 0 but just implies any value toggles it.

So glad to hear that there could be something done about the other midi codes! I’ve been able to develop my app to control BB but these enhancements would be perfect.

Thanks for reporting, this needs to be edited

This is the correct midi mapping here