External MIDI program change

Is there a way to select songs in the Beatbuddy via MIDI, or is the MIDI-input strictly for sync as the label indicate? I use the MIDI-feature in Bandhelper on an android-tablet to send program-change-instructions to my DMX light-rig (DMXIS), digital mixing-console, keyboards and guitar-rig. It would be easy to add program-changes for Beatbuddy to this setup if the pedal is listening to such. A Laptop tool to manage the unit may be nice, but I’d prefer not to have to mess about with multiple sources for setlists. Bandhelper takes care of all lyrics and setlists, and with a tablet mounted on a mic-stand there would be no need to bend over to program BB when you deviate from the planned set as each song in the entire library within Bandhelper has its associated MIDI-instructions prepared.

I second this idea. If the BB could receive program change messages to change presets, that would be GREAT!!! This would effectively give the BB a way to have a remote display.

This feature will be there in the next FW. It still exists, but is previously unreleased… You can get the Beta FW by contacting support.

Midi PGM change can he sent to a BeatBuddy runningg firmware 1.75 (beta). I’m using Bandhelper myself and can confirm that this works. You have to create a MIDI preset for each PGM change using the LSB for folder -1 and PGM for song -1. I.e. 2nd folder 13th song -> LSB 1, PGM 12. The bank/PGM change inside the song edit screen is for incoming PGM to BandHelper and does not work for outgoing stuff…

Hi Roland, … so what do I put in the MSB spot for each song? I just want the android tablet to change the beatbuddy to the song I select from my setlist (Bandhelper). The beatbuddy has each song set up with tempo already, so I just want to be able, on a whim, select a song and lyrics from my setlist and the beatbuddy goes there, too.

Thanks for your informative posts

MSB Spot is left Blank

This is how I have my Midi presets setup in Band helper.
Fields From Left to Right - N/A , BB Folder, BB Beat/song


Remember 0 is counted as a 1 so in the above example it would be from left to right in BB folder 2, and beat/song 23.
But if its confusing just play around with those fields and you will see how it relates to each other.

Is the MSB field empty only because you have less than 128 files in the folder? Just wondering if the MIDI convention applied here as well. Obviously, not an issue either way if you keep less than 128 files in a folder.

Not exactly. The MSB and LSB determine the Folder, not the Files. The files are the songs, and there is a limit of 99 in a folder. If you had 129 folders and wanted song 6 in folder 129, it would be MSB 1,LSB 0, and Program 5. In OnSong, for example, this command is entered as:
MIDI: 1.0: 5

I think there’s also a limit of 99 folders.

I haven’t gotten there yet. :slight_smile:

My confusion on the 99 vs 128 comes from page 14 of the Beat Buddy MIDI manual, from which I quote, "You can select a BeatBuddy folder and song with the MIDI Bank Select and Program Change messages. The folder is selected with the Bank Select Message (Bank MSB and LSB) and the song is selected with the Program change. Each of the 128 values of Bank MSB value can have 128 folders as selected by the value of Bank LSB. This gives a potential of 128 MSB x 128 LSB = 16,384 different folders with 128 songs each. "

I guess we have not enabled our potential.

Hi all
I guess I’m resurrecting this thread…
I’m trying to send a folder and song change message from Max/MSP as follows

cc# 32 value 8 midi ch. 10
then shortly thereafter
pc#5 midi ch. 10

I get nothing.
I am able to send song change messages in folder 0 (Blues), tempo, start and stop messages from Max/MSP, but seemingly no folder chnage or drumkit change (cc 116).
I am able to send various messages to the Beat Buddy from Boss ES-8 so I don’t think it’s the pedal or the setup. I suspect it is me not knowing just how to send the messages in the right fashion from Max/MSP.