Extremely noises on on left output

Hello i have a problem and i cannot solve it.
2 days ago i was playing over a large PA. We discovered that my left output has extremely rushed from beat buddy from a certain gain on mixer. My current wiring is “output left drums” and “output right bass”.
On right output everything was okay. I added 2 links to mp3 files where i raised the gain of the mixer in the middle of file of its extremely.
There you can hear the extreme noise increase (Output left) when increasing the gain of the mixer.
The right output is seen to that anything will be distorted but the noise is not so extreme increases as the right output.

I hope my englisch is good enaugh to make my problem clear.

Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

https://www.dropbox.com/s/qc4an0q643sqnmj/Beatbuddy Drums.mp3?dl=0
https://www.dropbox.com/s/4dtrifoi296wtdp/Beatbuddy Bass.mp3?dl=0


I found out something out.
When i connect a passive di-box (Palmer PAN04) on the left output channel and hit the groundlift switch i only hear the extreme noises when the gain knob of the mixer is at 95% of its range.

Does that help to find the problem?


nobody here who can help me?

Is this a mixer and PA problem or is it a BB and combination problem? Can you isolate the symptoms to one or the other? Maybe run the left output of the BB Into a powered speaker?

BTW, is posting the same topic twice just enough to slow users down from answering? :eek:

Sorry but its no mixer or pa problem because i tested it on 3 different pa and mixers and its everywhere the same problem.

I posted the same topic twice because i didnt know which forum is the right one!

Nobody who can help me?

If you’ve eliminated the usual suspects (the PA, mixer, patch cable connecting BB pedal to your signal chain), it’s hard to say what else it might be. You haven’t said yet whether or not it does the same thing: from the left output of your BB pedal using a regular drum set with bass instead of the drum set using separate outputs for drums (L) and bass ®; if it does, it might be an indicator that it’s your pedal’s left output jack. I’m just wondering out loud though.

At this point, it appears that it’s either the BB pedal (left output) or the drum set with separate output
@Rob22315, any ideas?

Hello persist,
thank you for your help!
I made some test to be shure that is not in my signal chain to the mixer. I separated beatbuddy standalone and connected him to a powered monitor box. At this point i could not notice any differences between R and L output.
The output channels R+L of the standard drumsets without bass was as good as the drumsets with bass!

After this i connected the beatbuddy directly to my mixer and the same problem was here again. The same to another mixer!
After this i connected beatbuddy to a passive di-box (Stereo) and then to the mixer. From this point all channels are clear without noises.
I only get loud noises when i turn up the gain knob to almost 95% but this setting i never use because the channel overrides…

One thing i noticed at my tests:
If I had beatbuddy re-started then were no strong noises on the channels to hear. As soon as I hit the first time the pedal the noises were here again?

So now i have a solution but i dont know is beatbuddy defective?

Very strange, Werner. Really hard to say that it’s caused by the BB left output when it doesn’t make the noise from a powered monitor.

You can try to a) reinstall firmware; b) examine the left pedal jack for loose connection or a cold solder joint.

If it’s still under warranty, you can try to exchange it at the store you bought it from. Or contact BB Support for advice.

reinstall the firmware i made a few days ago. Even install old firmware releases doesnt change anything. May be a cold solder pont is the problem?
The pedal is not under warranty anymore so i will look for it!

Thanks for your help


I solded the connection points of the jack new but its not better.
I measured with my Voltmeter the impedance of both channels (powered off). The range of my measuring instrument is from 0 ohms until 200 megaohms.

The left channel showed a impedance of 32.4 ohms
The right channel didnt show me any value???

The headphone output showed me a impedance of:
left 31.6 kohms
right 36.6 kohms

Can you measure your signal output R+L (powered off) to see if there is something wrong with my beatbuddy?


Werner, I get 0 Ohms on both right and left output jacks; I did not test the headphone output jack. Since I didn’t want to open my BB pedal, I used a short 1/4" patch cable and connected the leads of my Ohmmeter to the tip and the barrel.

I’m not an electronics type dude but it seems to indicate that you could have a short on the left jack or part of the circuit. If you have a can of compressed air, you could use short bursts to clean the jacks and maybe dust off the pedal circuit board.

i sprayed all with compressed air. I removed the circuit board with the midi connector and found out that the soldering points was not original. I also removed a greasy adhesive tape just under the usb connector who has to prevent contact with the chip underneath. I took a piece of thick paper to prevent contact. Maybe by this greasy adhesive tape are any small shorts originated?

I found out something else:
i switched to a standard built in beat and pluged in R and then L. The sound on the left channel was much more bad as the sound on the right channel.

After all of this what i found out i imagine that the pedal was refurbished when i bouht it 2 years ago?


This is probably something you should take up with BB Support via e-mail and see if there’s anything that can be done. support@singularsound.com

If the channels are noisy into mixers but clear into a DI box, then you are overwhelming the input buffers in the mixers. Try the mixers again but turn the volume on the BB way down. If the noise goes away at low volumes on the BB then I suggest using the DI boxes permanently.

My BB doesn’t go straight into the digital snake, it goes through DI boxes first.

a strong noise, no matter on which position the controller knob is, i always have on left channel. On right channel nothing