Eyes of a Stranger - The Payolas - Drums only, segmented; DOP, OPB, OPBks added

Eyes of a Stranger.zip (82.5 KB)

Includes .sng, all midi parts, chord and lyrics and a road map to get you through the song.

Song uses stock Latin kit, most recent version.

OPB etc., versions to follow in the coming days.

Here are the OP versions.

Eyes_of_a_Stranger_DOP.sng (9.9 KB)
Eyes_of_a_Stranger_OPB.sng (13.2 KB)
Eyes_of_a_Stranger_OPBks.sng (18.1 KB)

All use my Latin Strings & Marimba kit. Marimba is being used in place of piano. in the OPBks. I needed to have the congas, and I wasn’t in a kit making mood.