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EZ Mode

EZ Mode with no intros, fills or outros. I’m trying to hack out all the intros, fills and outros to create an EZ Mode. Need some help. I’m trying to delete the strings pointing to the fills but unsuccessful so far.


I’d like to see the BB come out of the box in EZ Mode, which I’d describe as one tap to start, one tap to stop and no intro, no fills, no outro. With a setting to switch to advanced mode that has all features.


Re: EZ Mode

I doubt it will be so easy to saw off intros outros and fills from a packed BBS file. I may check this out at home, though.


Wasn’t the BB designed to allow the would be musician to control a drum pattern, including intros, outros, fills, transitions, and accents? If you take all that away… what would be the point? A cell phone can play midi and wav files just fine. There are countless drum machines out there that will play a pattern uninterrupted from start to finish, some even have pedals. I’m curious why anyone would buy a piece of hardware designed to fill a need, and then try and strip away all it’s functionality.


Isn’t what you are referring to the Metronome folder?




I’m sure when the manager comes you can strip out all the intros and outros… Sounds like what you want is just a backing track. There are 1000 solutions to that problem.


Hi Pinears,

I think I understand what you’re purpose is, but I think you’re trying to throw away the baby with the bathwater.
The awesom thing about the BB, and why everyone wants it, is that it CAN create the fills and sound like a great drummer. If I had seen even one video with a straight boomchuck pattern and no variations I wouldn’t have bought the thing.
I think that BeatBuddy would be wasting their time reducing the functionality so far.

I do understand your purpose I think. When I get mine, I will use it without the intros, and probably without the outros much of the time, but the well-timed fills and the ability to control the drummer to my specific playing at the moment of playing are what will set this box apart from a bad drummer and a metronome.

Keep tayloring the BB for your specific purpose. That’s the secret to this thing.



I probably didn’t get the EZ features right. The forum should eventually provide the changes to make BB work for everyone. The thing to look at is why out of the box maybe a fourth of the users need to spend hours in BB MGR before they can effectively use it. Probably working in BB MGR doesn’t count as programming.


I completely understand where Pineears is coming from…

At the very least, the ability to not play Intros / Outros. There are TONS of songs out there that don’t necessarily start with a fancy dancy drum intro (or if it does, it’s not a 4 count drum intro) - for example: Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman; I Saw Her Standing There by the Beatles, Back in Black by AC/DC, Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down, etc. And I’m sure there are some songwriters out there other than myself who have written some stuff that doesn’t necessarily “go with” an over-the-top drum intro…

As it is now, you either have to: a) have the optional (which is looking more and more like mandatory) footswitch to Pause the Intro Beat, start you song then unPause at the appropriate time; or b) use the BeatBuddy Manager Software - which is unavailable at the moment (and having people post screenshots of it showing how it can solve an issue does not help with the waiting) - to create a new song by copying/editing a existing one, or from scratch. But again, that can’t happen until the software is released…


Software will be out soon, that solves this problem. Don’t waste time solving a problem that will be resolved automatically in a couple weeks! Just deal with the intros until then. It’s not that big of a deal.


This is for the new owner experience. I was thinking more of out of the box EZ. Which could be as EZ as BB Team delivering BB with some additional folders that have the same songs with the intros and outros removed. The owners that here style fits the intros and outros had a much better experience out of the box.

This really doesn’t really go away. When I got the BB out if the box it was disappointing that none of the intros, fills and outros worked for me. If I’d had BB Mgr then I’d be on the computer modifying songs removing intros and outros. Or maybe in the future figuring out how to get them off the forum and into BB. Still not too fun out of the box.

I want intros, outros, fills, chorus parts, they make BB great. The reason I bought. For myself I think some will work for me after some MIDI editing. Might take a while.


I bought an amp modeler once, and none of the presets sounded good to me, so I had to make my own. I think all amp modelers should come the way I have mine setup so I don’t have to do anything in order to make it sound right.


At least you were able to set it up and make your own…