Ezdrummer2 and BBuddy manager.

Hi, I created a Midi drum file in EZdrummer (vintage battery) but the problem is when i go to the BBmanager with these midi file is just sound one or two beats and not all, like in the EZ. I have to charge (and create) the sounds in a new drum kit in BBmanager? Where are the wav files of the EZ for to create a new drum kit.
If you have still already (created) drum kit from the Ez wavs to the BB please can you send me or make a dropbox link here?
My email is teatrodelasfuentes@gmail.com
If someone have some Drums Kits DRM created (expecially Metal, indie or Rock from a EZdrumeer Modern or Vintage Battery) and you can send me or link here, i have some great Post-Rock midi packs for EZ that i bougth, and i can share with you also.
I´m thinking to buy a Post Rock complete Pack (65 Euros) with all the sounds also… If someone know how to create a drum kit from these sounds i will buy and send all the pack to who knows and want to do it.
Thanks a lot.

I think that you need map the midi, EZdrummer not use the standard general midi map!

If you want I can help you, do you have a Facebook account?

Yes! I already modify the ballad drum kit from BB to the EZ post rock mapping. Ir sound right. But it not sound like the Post rock Ez drum kit. Not even clouse. My Facebook is Chema León (Im from Spain). And muy mail is teatrodelasfuentes@gmail.com.